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Prepay for college classes- this will help ease the burden of Tuition with lower payments.

Ask about our 3-month extended payment plan!

Students can finance their tuition in 6- 24 month installment plans through Tuition Financing Corporation (TFC).


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Student Tuition - 99.9% Approval for Your Educational Needs!

Helpful Tips

It’s easy to get stressed about college and student loans, but here are a couple of tips to help you. New students can control some of these costs to some extent. And when you know how much you’ll need to spend on these expenses, it makes it easier to create a budget. The benefit of attending Illinois Health Careers College is that you will graduate without a large student loan.

  • Before considering a private loan, make sure all your other institutional financial resources have been exhausted.
  • Borrow only the minimum amount needed for the college classes you wish to enroll in.
  • Ask us about payment plan options- we will review them on an individual need basis.
  • Start planning payments now.
  • Ask about our 6-month payment plan extension.
  • Prepay for your classes.
  • If you are a veteran the U.S has a GI Bill to help pay for College
  • Ask yourself if your family has financial backing.

Don’t rule our college because of sticker price, ask questions, review options, and get the facts.

worknet center

Workforce & Education Partner Pathway

The Illinois workNet® Portal and Program utilizes partnerships and technology to expand seamless and real-time access to workforce development resources aimed at individuals, employers, and workforce/education partners.
Innovative partnerships span state economic development, workforce development, education agencies, and local workforce innovation boards along with their public and private partners, including local governments, community colleges, and non-profit organizations.

College Scholarships

Below is a list of websites where you can search for college scholarships.

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Specials and Promotions


Illinois health Careers understands life can have many obstacles and we are here to help you navigate those obstacles. Want a new career? Want to go to college, but don’t know how to pay for it?

We have a short-term course with some of the lowest tuition in the Chicago land area taught by Allied Health professionals. We currently have several options available for you to enroll in college.

  • Pay in full option
  • Extended payment plan – Prepay months in advance or try our extended 60-90 day plan
  • TFC tuition plan with 6-8 month terms. No early pay off penalty. Student credit builder. No student refused. No credit check.

Military veterans and active duty 12% discount.

Keep an eye out for our promotions.

Here is a glimpse of our current promotion.

Illinois Health Careers summer class promotion!

Spring into summer with a new career as a Medical office administrative assistant or billing and coding specialist. If you enroll in either of these courses by the June 22nd deadline you will receive a 250.00 discount.  Give us a call NOW to get started.