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Phlebotomy Program

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Phlebotomy Certification Programs

Phlebotomists play a vital role in patient care by collecting blood specimens and assisting in diagnostic procedures. Our Phlebotomy Technician Program provides comprehensive training and practical experience to prepare individuals for success in the dynamic field of phlebotomy. Our Phlebotomy Programs prioritize medical accuracy and patient comfort, aiming to meet industry standards and equip students for professional certification from recognized Phlebotomy Certification Programs. Unleash your potential and embark on a fulfilling medical career path today with our lifeblood-empowering programs!


Requirements of Phlebotomy Program

Illinois Health Careers offers a specialized Phlebotomy Technician Program, providing students with the opportunity to sit for the CPT exam upon phlebotomy program completion. To embark on a successful journey as a phlebotomist, candidates must meet specific educational and training requirements:

Course Curriculum

Course Objectives of Phlebotomy Certificate Program

In the Phlebotomy Certification Program, we are dedicated to providing students with a comprehensive and transformative learning experience that prepares them to excel in the specialized field of phlebotomy. Let's delve into the exciting course objectives that await you on this journey of discovery and growth:

Why Become a Phlebotomist?

Illinois health Careers Phlebotomy program is designed to prepare students for employment as Phlebotomy technicians. Graduates work as phlebotomists in reference laboratories, hospitals, blood banks, private phlebotomy services, and doctor’s offices, for sports medicine facilities, insurance companies, and clinics. Graduates will have knowledge in the following areas:


To work as a Phlebotomist, candidates must have their high school diploma and complete a postsecondary accredited phlebotomy program from a community college or vocational-technical school.

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Perks of Our Phlebotomy Training Program

requirements of the course


Tuition Fee $2100.00


These fees and expenses are approximate costs and are subject to change without prior notice to the student

Advance Your Career

Explore Our Phlebotomy Technician Program Today!

Unlock the potential for a rewarding phlebotomy career with our Phlebotomy Certification Programs, meticulously designed to align with industry standards and cater to employers' needs. Embark on an enriching journey with our top-notch Phlebotomy Training Program, where expert guidance and hands-on experience will elevate your skills, setting you apart in the dynamic healthcare industry. Take the next confident stride towards success and fulfillment in the world of phlebotomy with Illinois Health Careers as your trusted partner. Enroll today and let your future shine bright!


Frequently Asked Questions

Phlebotomists play a crucial role in patient care as they are tasked with drawing blood samples. These collected blood samples serve as essential components for a variety of medical laboratory tests and procedures, ranging from diagnostic assessments to life-saving transfusions. In numerous medical and diagnostic settings, patients directly engage with phlebotomists, positioning them as the main point of contact for blood collection.
The average salary of a certified phlebotomist in Illinois is approximately $39,974. The salary range for these skilled professionals usually spans between $36,007 and $44,645, offering potential for growth and advancement. Phlebotomists in Illinois can enjoy competitive earnings and rewarding opportunities in the healthcare industry.
At IHC, you’ll have access to the most affordable phlebotomy course, priced at $2100. This includes a down payment of $750.00 and weekly payments of $150.00.
While both MLTs and phlebotomists share the responsibility of collecting blood samples, they have distinct roles with specific functions. A phlebotomist’s primary focus is on blood sample collection and related administrative tasks. On the other hand, a medical lab technician (MLT) has a broader scope, handling various bodily fluids, including blood, and performing sample testing. Thus, while they have overlapping duties, MLTs, and phlebotomists each play essential and different roles within the medical field.

Phlebotomy Program

Our training locations

Currently, courses for the Fall and Summer terms are being offered in both Harwood Heights, IL, and Rockford, IL.

Harwood Heights


Dates Timings
June 3rd - Aug 5th 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Sept 9th - Nov 11th 1:00pm - 5:00pm

4709 N. Harlem Ave, Harwood Heights, IL 60706



Dates Timings
June 4th - Aug 6th 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Sept 10th - Nov 12th 1:00pm - 5:00pm

5051 E State St, Rockford, IL 61108


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Our programs are short, we offer hands-on training with medical offices. We offer real clinic environments and small class sizes all at a reasonable tuition fee.

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