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Billing and Coding Specialist

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Billing and Coding
Program Description

Illinois Healthcare Careers Billing and Coding Program consists of 16 modules, 3,5 hours each. Billing and Coding Program modules are offered once a week on Saturdays (please refer to the Academic Calendar posted in School Catalog for details) covering knowledge and skills needed to accurately report, transmit and track claims. As a medical billing and coding specialist, this will help develop needed skills and training as well as knowledge to submit proper documentation to insurance companies and federal agencies for reimbursement in order for their employees to succeed and avoid fraud charges. The duration of the program is 16 weeks of a blended course.

Occupational Objectives

The program will prepare students for opportunities as medical coders in medical offices, clinics, insurance companies, and in the form of freelance home-based businesses.

Prepare to find a position as an Insurance Billing Specialist, Medical Coding, Claims Assistance Professional, or Electronic Claims Processor.

Medical Billing and Coding Program Objectives

  • To understand basic anatomy and physiology
  • To understand basic medical terminology
  • To understand the basics of health insurance
  • To learn the concept of HIPAA Compliance and Privacy
  • To learn the role of the Health Insurance Billing Specialist
  • To understand medical documentation
  • To learn Electronic Data Interchange
  • To learn the basics of Medicare and Medicaid
  • To understand the lifecycle of a medical claim
  • To understand payment and collection strategies
  • To understand the basics of ICD-10 coding
  • To understand the basics of CPT coding


For details send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at (224) 246-2694, you can also fill out our contact form to get online details.

Good to Know

Frequently Asked

Duration of programs range from 10-16 weeks depending on program

Our programs are open enrollment every 10weeks. Typically M/W or Tue/ Th in the early evening and Saturdays during the morning hours.

We provide open job board with our offices and local dental offices

Illinois health careers offers Certification and learning materials for most programs for state boards at our locations after successful completion of the program.

We do offer parking at all of our locations

Tuition ranges from 1950- 3500

We offer payment plans and Tuition assistance program

Currently our programs require face to face due to hands on lab experience. some programs offer Hybrid learning

All programs provide certificate of completion and transcript. Renewal is only required if national boards are taken and that is typically every 2-3 years for renewal.

Transportation is student responsibility but are locations are accessible to all public transportation