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$3500 Per Course
  • Down Payment of $1000
  • 10 Weekly Payments of $250
  • Certificate of Dental Assistant
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Seasons Harwood Heights, IL Homewood, IL Rockford, IL Mundelein, IL
Winter 2024 01/09/2024 - 03/14/2024 01/08/2024 - 03/13/2024 01/08/2024 - 03/14/2024 01/08/2024 - 03/13/2024
Spring 2024 04/09/2024 - 06/13/2024 04/08/2024 - 06/12/2024 04/08/2024 - 06/13/2024 04/09/2024 - 06/15/2024
Summer 2024 07/16/2024 - 09/19/2024 07/09/2024 - 09/04/2024 07/09/2024 - 09/12/2024 07/09/2024 - 09/04/2024
Fall 2024 10/15/2024 - 12/24/2024 10/07/2024 - 12/16/2024 10/07/2024 - 12/16/2024 10/07/2024 - 12/16/2024

Why Choose Us

Just 10-weeks and you are ready to be a part of a Dental Clinic as a Dental Assistant!

The Dental field is an excellent career choice with good growth opportunities. We are here to fully assist you in your career development in the dental field. Our dental assistant education and training programs are designed to prepare and polish your skills for better productivity in the dental office.

Illinois Health Careers offers an affordable and flexible evening program for dental assistant training twice a week. This is a 10-weeks program  expanded over 20 modules, each of 2.5 hours. This program will shape your dental assistant career and will teach you about all on-the-job skills and dental operations with its correct methodologies.

Future Path of Dental Assistant Career!

The growth chances are higher in the dental field and in coming years there will be more demand for it. This Dental Assistant career field provides good earning potential with minimum training programs. Along with this, it also carries career advancement opportunities. Choosing this field is beneficial in all aspects.

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Course knowledge of Dental Assistant program:

We understand the modern technology involvement in dental appliances and at our Dental Assistant School Illinois provide training through the study of real-time dentistry scenario cases in our dental assistant training modules. Moreover, in-depth theoretical and practical work is conducted for developing the career of a dental assistant. 

At Illinois Health Careers, there are multiple topics covered in the dental training modules which include Dental Anatomy, Dental Radiography, Dental Pharmacology, Dental Administrative work knowledge, Dental Clinical components, and many others. All are crucial parts of the dental assistant programs.

Dental Assistant Salary Expectations!

It is fully expected that within the future coming years the profession will be a highly acceptable profession with a higher salary scale. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean wage for Dental Assistants in Illinois is (approx) $42,000. The salary varies based on different factors including the education of the Dental Assistants, their work experience, the clinic they get employed and the location where they get employed.

Get Affordable Dental Assistant
Career Training at Illinois:

For our students’ ease, we have designed affordable and easy payment methods. Now our students can pay their Dental Assistant training school fees easily. At Illinois Health Careers, we have the lowest tuition fee structure to enable our students complete the training without interruptions.

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Thinking of being a Dental Assistant?

Have you set your mind and fully decided to get into the dentistry field? Initially want to start your career as a Dental Assistant, no need to go elsewhere or to search out Dental Assistant Colleges in Illinois. Simply visit Illinois Health Careers, our Dental Assistant Program 10 weeks modules are designed in such a way that will help you to become an integral part of a dental clinic you choose. For more detailed information regarding our Dental Assistant Certification Training, simply call us (224) 246-2694 or email at [email protected] to make your career get started immediately!

Good to Know

Frequently Asked

Duration of programs range from 10-16 weeks depending on program

Our programs are open enrollment every 10weeks. Typically M/W or Tue/ Th in the early evening and Saturdays during the morning hours.

We provide open job board with our offices and local dental offices

Illinois health careers offers Certification and learning materials for most programs for state boards at our locations after successful completion of the program.

We do offer parking at all of our locations

Tuition ranges from 1950- 3500

We offer payment plans and Tuition assistance program

Currently our programs require face to face due to hands on lab experience. some programs offer Hybrid learning

All programs provide certificate of completion and transcript. Renewal is only required if national boards are taken and that is typically every 2-3 years for renewal.

Transportation is student responsibility but are locations are accessible to all public transportation