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Start Your Career with the Best Dental Assistant School In Mundelein

Here at Illinois Dental Careers, you can create your own future. With the help of our professional team, we strive to offer one of the finest orthodontic and dental assistant programs in Mundelein. In this dental assistant training program, our experienced instructors will provide instructions to students on necessary job skills such as dentistry terminology use, dental health procedures, office operations, and much more. Illinois Dental Careers gives you the opportunity to begin pursuing your career.  As a dental assistant, you are an integral part of a dentist’s or orthodontist’s office. The doctor and their patients depend on the assistant to help with procedures and administrative tasks in order to deliver quality care to the patients.


About Our Dental Assistant School and Orthodontic Assistant Programs

If you’re looking for a new career as a dental assistant in Mundelein that offers great hours and benefits, you can get into the workforce easily through our fast track, short courses like the dental assistant programs in Mundelein. These programs are easy, innovative, and designed to make the learning process convenient and easier for you. What makes us different and stand out from others is

  • Flexible and affordable Dental Assistant programs
  • Hands-on learning
  • Professional instructors
  • Module Based Programs

With the latest growing trends in dental offices, dental or orthodontic assistant is in high demand because they allow the dentist to provide more effective and specialized patient care. Your certification at our Mundelein dental assistant school can help you get prepared to enter the dentistry field prepared to make a difference, as we provide all our students a well-defined path of opportunities to start a bright career as Mundelein dental assistant.

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Program Overview

Orthodontic Assistant Training Program

In this program, you receive training to become an orthodontic assistant. We begin with certificate programs that prepare students to perform basic dental duties in our dental assistant school. Afterward, students can also obtain professional certification and start working in the dental field. By taking our Orthodontic Assistant Training Program, students learn how to prepare dental equipment and instruments, identify a variety of dental conditions, and provide possible support to licensed dentists and their patients.

Dental Assistant Training Program

Dental Assistant is not only a meaningful career, but it’s flexible, secure, and exciting, too. The Dental Assistant program here at Illinois Dental Careers, allows you to learn on-the-job skills such as dental health procedures, use of dentistry terminology, multiple office operations, etc. Our programs are flexible. Our students can choose their place of study and even the finish date of the program. Also, they don’t have to be concerned about missing any class. IDC’s classes are based on rolling enrollment, which means that students can enroll at any time.

Orthodontic & Dental Assistant Training Program

Our dental assistant programs are meant to train individuals on procedures in order to be an experienced Orthodontic or Dental Assistant. Many also take this course to expand their skills in this field. With the help of this program, we are committed to giving students such opportunities where they can gain knowledge and develop skills while utilizing their critical thinking skills. We prepare our students to become efficient and work-ready, always.

Medical Office Administrative Assistant Program

Our medical office administrative assistant training program will provide you with the necessary practical skills and offer comprehensive study material to feel confident and competent in your new Allied Health Career.
This medical office administrative assistant career training includes business and medical communications, medical/dental terminology, Basic principles in insurance. Overview of health care operations, sales, software applications such as Electronic Health Records, HIPAA, and OSHA, scheduling and meeting planning, applicable policies and regulations, professional standards and ethics, and much more.
After the medical office administrative assistant in Healthcare Course completion, you will be HIPAA and OSHA certified.

Billing and Coding Specialist Program

As a medical billing and coding specialist, this will help develop needed skills and training as well as knowledge to submit proper documentation to insurance companies and federal agencies for reimbursement in order for their employees to succeed. The Billing and Coding Program will also prepare students for opportunities as medical coders in medical offices, clinics, insurance companies, and in the form of freelance home-based businesses.


Orthodontic Assistant Program

$ $1,975
  • Down Payment of $850
  • 8 Weekly Payments of $140
  • Complete Certificate

Dental Assistant Program

$ $3,500
  • Down Payment of $1000
  • 8 Weekly Payments of $250
  • Certificate of Dental Assistant
  • Certificate of Coronal Polishing and Pit and Fissure Sealants Placement

Dental & Orthodontic Assistant Program

$ $5,000
  • Down Payment of $1750
  • 12 Weekly Payments of $270.83
  • Complete Certificate

Medical Office Administrative Assistant

$ $3,500
  • Down Payment of $1000
  • 12 Weekly Payments of $208.33
  • Complete Certificate

Billing and Coding Specialist

$ $3,750
  • Down Payment of $995
  • 16 Weekly Payments of $171.87
  • Complete Certificate

MOAA and B&C

$ $5,750
  • Down Payment of $1100
  • 20 Weekly Payments of $232.50
  • Complete Certificate


Duration of programs range from 10-16 weeks depending on program

Tuition ranges from 1950- 3500

We provide open job board with our offices and local dental offices

Illinois health careers offers Certification and learning materials for most programs for state boards at our locations after successful completion of the program.

All programs provide certificate of completion and transcript. Renewal is only required if national boards are taken and that is typically every 2-3 years for renewal.

Our programs are open enrollment every 10weeks. Typically M/W or Tue/ Th in the early evening and Saturdays during the morning hours

We offer payment plans and Tuition assistance program

Currently our programs require face to face due to hands on lab experience. some programs offer Hybrid learning

We do offer parking at all of our locations

Transportation is student responsibility but are locations are accessible to all public transportation

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