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Know Anyone Interested In A Career As A Healthcare Professional?

At Illinois Health Careers, a team of highly qualified, professional and experienced instructors prepare each student on many essential job skills such as dental health procedures, dentistry terminology use, office operations, and more. We feel great pride to offer one of the best orthodontic and dental assistant programs in Harwood Heights which covers all the major elements of oral care and health. Our students also learn how to organize treatments for patients, assist dentists or orthodontists during treatment, execute infection control procedures, maintain patient records and handle other general administrative duties. Here at Illinois Health Careers, every student is exposed to the set of activities that utilize the most advanced practice of dentistry and is also provided with:

  • Real clinic environment
  • Small class size
  • Short, informative program
  • Reasonable tuition fees
  • Experienced and professional instructors

Illinois Health Careers helps establish your future as a dental or orthodontic assistant. We believe that established dental assistants have many reasons to smile. They are a crucial part of the dental and orthodontic care team. The work they do every day in an orthodontic or dental practice makes a real difference in people’s lives because high quality care is a crucial part of well-being and physical health.

Why Choose Illinois Health Careers?

Our students work extremely hard in order to make sure they understand all of the ins and outs of dental assisting. They love our courses because of our innovative, module-based programs are designed to make the learning process easier and more convenient for you. You can choose your start date, your pace of study, and take advantage of our flexible attendance policy,