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CPR AED First Aid Training Program

CPR AED First Aid Training Program
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CPR, AED and first aid training program



Course length

4 Hours

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Required books

  • CPR Book(optional) – Needs to be ordered online 1 week prior to the class
  • 2023 AHA BLS Provider Manual SKU 20-1102

Note: If student needs to purchase book in class the cost is $30.00

CPR and First Aid Certification:

Your Superpower in Emergencies!

When emergencies strike, you can be the hero with the knowledge to save lives! CPR training focuses spe­cifically on cardiac and respiratory emerge­ncies. On the other hand, First Aid cove­rs a broader range of skills, including managing burns, wound care, splinting, and addre­ssing various medical emergencies. This comprehensive­ training equips individuals to provide immediate­ assistance for a wide range of injuries and illnesses. The combined knowledge of CPR and First Aid is crucial in emergency situations as they work togethe­r to ensure the we­ll-being of those who require­ help.

CPR and First Aid Certification

certification’s validation

All certifications are valid for 2 years

Renew Your CPR Certification with Illinois Health Careers

Hey healthcare champs and CPR-certified heroes! Ready to supercharge your life-saving abilities? Our BLS CPR/AED certification, backed by the American Heart Association, is your ticket to success. Enroll with a buddy and both of you snag a cool $10.00 off your certification. Join us to pump up your passion for saving lives – Illinois Health Careers is your dynamic partner on this journey!

Learning Objectives For

CPR AED and First Aid Certification

The CPR AED and First Aid certification program will provide you with essential life-saving abilities to respond competently during urgent situations. This thorough program includes fundamental components that will equip you to have a significant impact when it is most necessary. Below are the learning outcomes of CPR AED and First AID Certification:

cpr first aid certification

training methods

What is our training method

Professional instructor-led course

Course: video, workbook, lecture, demonstration

Hands-on practice to facilitate the students

Full CPR and AED Curriculum

At Illinois Health Careers, we believe in providing CPR and First-Aid training that goes above and beyond. Our courses are designed to offer in-depth knowledge without overwhelming time commitments. Get ready to explore a world of life-saving skills with our comprehensive modules, each tailored to equip you with the expertise needed in critical situations.

Earn CPR AED and First Aid Certification

Upon Course Completion

Are you ready to be a real-life superhero? Earn your CPR certification upon completing our comprehensive CPR training course. A CPR certificate is your badge of honor, proving that you have acquired the essential skills to respond confidently in life-threatening situations. Here is all you need to know about CPR certification:

Requirements For Student Certification

Be prepared to take on life's unexpected challenges and make a meaningful impact in emergencies. To earn your CPR certification with Illinois Health Careers, meeting specific requirements is essential, which include:

aed cpr certification

Get on a Rewarding Healthcare Journey

Register Yourself Now!

At Illinois Health Careers, we believe in preparing you for any challenge that comes your way. That's why we offer easily accessible and budget-friendly CPR training and first aid classes. With these life-saving skills, you can confidently pursue your healthcare career, knowing that you are ready to handle any situation.
But it doesn't stop there! We understand that a satisfying job goes beyond just acquiring skills; it's about finding your true calling. Our dedicated career advisors will work closely with you to identify your strengths and passions, guiding you towards the perfect healthcare profession that aligns with your goals. Register with Illinois Health Careers now and set yourself on the path to becoming a compassionate healthcare professional.


Frequently Asked Questions

BLS CPR certification offers several advantages, including life-saving skills, improved confidence in emergencies, enhanced employability, workplace safety, legal protection, and opportunities for professional development. BLS CPR certification can help individuals positively impact their communities, contribute to public safety, and experience personal fulfillment in knowing they are prepared to handle medical emergencies effectively.

Healthcare professionals highly regard the AHA CPR Certification due to its comprehensive and challenging curriculum. The AHA requires a slightly higher passing score of 84% compared to the Red Cross’s 80%. Both certifications are reputable, but AHA CPR certification is preferred for its in-depth training and greater acceptance among medical professionals.

CPR AED certification is valuable for anyone interested in learning life-saving skills, including healthcare professionals, lifeguards, teachers, coaches, caregivers, and individuals seeking to be prepared for emergencies.

Yes, hands-on practice is crucial to CPR and First Aid certification training. Participants can practice CPR and AED skills on manikins to ensure proficiency and confidence in real-life situations.


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