National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer is common among females around the globe. The disease can be fatal if not given proper care in the early stages. The increasing number of breast cancer cases has made it crucial to spread awareness among females of all age groups. Healthcare practitioners and professionals organize a month long awareness campaign in October all over the U.S. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month highlights causes, symptoms, and solutions for breast cancer patients throughout the month.

Brief History

The United States first organized National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 1985 to spread awareness about the disease and educate people about prevention methods. The American Cancer Society and Imperial Chemical Industries Pharmaceuticals collaborated to take the much-needed initiative.

Over the years, healthcare professionals such as medical assistants, doctors and nurses and and  cancer survivors have encouraged breast cancer patients to be vocal about their disease. Many females overlook the importance of early cancer detection due to the lack of awareness. Breast cancer patients can receive the primary education needed to detect cancer at home by organizing workshops, seminars, and webinars and by education provided by their allied health professional team of doctors and medical assistants.

Breast Cancer Cases In North America

North America is among the most affected breast cancer regions across the globe. This region has the highest incidence of breast cancer. Despite its global spread, North America records the highest number of cases yearly. Europe also follows in North America’s footsteps regarding having more recorded breast cancer cases than other regions.

The rapidly increasing number of breast cancer cases across the U.S. makes it mandatory to organize cancer awareness workshops in small towns and large cities alike. Many day workers miss out on cancer awareness sessions yearly due to their busy work schedules. It is vital to conduct in-house workshops to spread awareness among the employees and provide them with basic training.

Importance of Breast Cancer Awareness

Cancer in any form can be fatal if left undetected. Many breast cancer patients identify the presence of cancer after a long time. Late detection can lead to further complications, increasing the patient’s poor health severity. The following factors can help you analyze the importance of breast cancer awareness.

Early Diagnosis

The most vital benefit of organizing breast cancer awareness sessions for the general public is to help them seek early diagnosis. Many female patients avoid consulting the doctor in the early stages due to the lack of knowledge about the disease. The awareness campaigns encourage them for early diagnoses, increasing their chances of survival.

Awareness Of Cancer Types

The workshops organized during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month help to increase the awareness of cancer types among patients. By asking questions from healthcare professionals, the general public can understand how different cancer types can affect their organs and survival.

On-Time Treatment

Early diagnosis leads to early treatment. Breast cancer patients have better odds of survival than other cancer types if diagnosed in time. By spreading the awareness of identifying cancer in the breast, health practitioners encourage people to reach out to doctors in the early stages to avoid complications.

The Takeaway

The above details can help you analyze the importance of breast cancer diagnosis and National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To enroll yourself you can reach out to Illinois Health Careers today. Illinois Health careers provides the training to their students on how to care for breast cancer patients as well as how to educate them on early prevention. 

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