Illinois Health Careers – Medical Billing and Coding Program

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Illinois Health Careers – Medical Billing and Coding Program

Interested in working in healthcare without being a doctor? Look no further, as Illinois Health Careers provides several healthcare-related courses like the medical billing and coding program!

Are you interested in working in a hospital or a clinic or remotely in the comfort of your own home in a supportive role to doctors and overall financial support of a doctor’s office, hospital, or third-party clearinghouse that processes insurance claims? 

You could become a medical billing and coding specialist to help ensure smooth reimbursement cycles for healthcare providers. 

Illinois Health Careers provides you with a 16-week program to teach you everything. As a medical billing and coding specialist in training, you will be taught 16 modules, with each module being 3 hours long.  Our program is Hybrid which means you will complete a majority of your course from the comfort of your home.   

A medical billing and coding specialist is required to report, track, and transmit claims so that healthcare providers can get reimbursed for their services. The coder ensures that all client data, such as symptoms, type of condition, and medical procedures, are recorded and stored in a coded form pertaining to different terminologies, such as the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) or Current Procedure Technology (CPT). 

Equally important, a medical biller uses the report generated by the coder to file a claim. The returned claim is used to accurately create a bill for the patient. Hence, a medical billing and coding specialist is an essential waypoint between doctors, patients, and insurance companies.

Consequently, Illinois Health Careers offers a comprehensive program that will focus on teaching you about basic anatomy, physiology, HIPAA Compliance and Privacy, Electronic Data Interchange, and ICD-10 and CPT coding, among other things. 

After receiving your certification, your options for employment in the healthcare sector as an electronic claims processor, billing specialist, or claims assistance professional and working remotely. Receiving your certification from Illinois Health Careers, which is approved by the Illinois Board of Higher Education, is a great way to start your career. According to the AAPC medical coding and billing salary survey, a certified medical billing and coding specialist earns a median salary of $56,652 per annum. The figures can go even higher depending on the number of certifications a person has.

Therefore, if you want a high-paying job as a medical billing and coding specialist, consider taking the course from Illinois Health Careers. We offer you affordable tuition and a top-notch curriculum to prepare you for the competitive job market and opportunities for work in clinics, insurance companies, medical offices, and even home-based businesses or freelance work! Visit Illinois Health Careers and start your journey as soon as today!

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