World Health Day

To make people aware of the advantages of being well, World Health Day is celebrated worldwide. It is necessary to make individuals aware that health is wealth. We need to recognize that wellbeing is an important component of our lives. Keeping yourself healthy, fit and safe is so important to our future. With so many diseases prevailing in the world and our ongoing saga with Covid It will help spread awareness by imparting information about health and fitness to the public and World Health Day is instrumental in raising people’s consciousness.
Health is very critical in today’s ever-changing world. We need to make this day a moment for the need for a healthier life to be understood. We neglect the importance of health care in our emphasis on work, eating, and sleep. We also ignore it to the degree that we only remember it when health worsens, or illness occurs. We need to realize that our true wealth is well-being first-person. We must learn to be proactive instead of reactive.
World health Day is to bring awareness to serious health problems and things such as pandemics. With the growing number of new illnesses that pop up every year it is even more important to ensure that services are coordinated around the world on this day to ensure that health care reaches every human being.
We as a nation need to concentrate on getting rid of unhealthy habits and behavior and shift towards a healthier life. For good health, a healthy diet, nutrition, and exercise should be observed EVERY DAY.

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