National Immunization Awareness Month

The havoc that COVID-19 has wreaked these past two years clearly shows the dangers of low immunity and remaining unvaccinated. August is the National Immunization Awareness Month (NAIM). It’s an annual observance highlighting the importance of vaccination for vaccine-preventable diseases. These diseases include polio, influenza, hepatitis, cholera, HPV, and COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Vaccines help prevent serious diseases that can harm infants, children, and adults. In fact, many vaccine-preventable diseases can be fatal if left untreated. Not getting vaccinated puts people at a higher risk of severe illnesses. According to the CDC, the United States experienced more than 1200 cases of measles in 2019, the most significant number of reported cases since the virus was declared eliminated in 2000! We need to come together as a nation this August to help spread awareness of the importance of vaccines. They’re a highly effective and safe way to boost your body’s natural immunity, so they can ward off diseases and keep people safe and healthy and Illinois Health Careers is here to help.

Medical assistants are trained in providing immunizations to children and adults. They’re also well-educated in health sciences and can educate patients on concerns regarding vaccines. Medical assistants can help parents of children and adults understand the importance of immunization, its role in disease prevention, and the efficacy and safety of different vaccines.

Illinois Health Careers is an approved testing site for the National Healthcare Association (NHA), dedicated to training board-certified medical assistants who are highly trained in clinical environments. Students graduating from Illinois Health Careers receive extensive hands-on training and literary education, enabling them to work as competent professionals in various work environments, some of which include administering immunizations and educating patients on their importance.

Visit Illinois Health Careers today and enroll in one of our programs such as certified medical assistant training program to jumpstart your career in the healthcare sector. America is in dire need of more healthcare professionals to help spread awareness of immunizations and many other healthcare issues.

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