Illinois Health Careers – Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Training Program

Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Training Program

Illinois Health Careers brings prospective students an exciting new Certified Clinical Medical Assistants Training Program, which will help equip students with the necessary skills to integrate into the healthcare field.

Certified clinical medical assistants form the backbone of the healthcare sector, helping patients feel comfortable during appointments, explaining and clarifying doctors’ instructions and recommendations, and acting as a bridge between patients and healthcare professionals. With the current global economic situation and the pandemic, the U.S is in dire need of more professional assistants.

According to the United State Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical assistant employment is expected to increase by 18%. This estimation is for 2020 to 2030, a significantly higher growth rate than the average for all other occupations.

Medical assistants play a vital role in hospitals, physician’s offices, outpatient clinics, occupational health and 24-hour treatment centers, and other medical facilities. They’re in charge of administrative functions, handling insurance information and medical records arranging lab work and hospital admissions, and managing office communications.

The CCMA program at Illinois Health Careers is dedicated to equipping students with all these skills, including crucial clinical skills for assisting healthcare professionals. These include infection and asepsis control, taking patient histories and recording vitals, assisting physicians with treatments and minor surgical procedures, performing laboratory diagnostic tests, and administering medications.

Furthermore, the 16-week CCMA program will involve hands-on training modules, like EKG, Phlebotomy, Electronic Medical Records, and Clinical Medical Assistant, which will prepare students for various workplace environments. Approved by the Illinois Board of Higher Education, Illinois Health Careers provides this program in a small classroom setting to make learning more personal and give all students maximum exposure and extensive hands-on training to transform them into professionals of the highest caliber.

Finally, graduates will be required to complete a 120-hour externship at a medical site as part of their conclusive training. The IHC provides graduating students with a diploma, making them eligible to sign up for exams to receive National Certifications.

In addition to accepting cash and credit/debit card payments, Illinois Health Careers facilitate students from low-income backgrounds, allowing them to take a loan for up to 8 months. Visit our webpage to learn more about the CCMA program at Illinois Health Careers!

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