Gay and Lesbian Pride Month

June is the gay and lesbian pride month. It is the month the LGBTQ community celebrates with passion, love, care, and respect. The LGBTQ community treats people differently because they know what it’s like to be marginalized. This choice can have a toll on people’s mental health, stress, and overall well-being. Stress can also lead to many health problems. This is where healthcare employees come in, for example, a medical office administrative assistant or a clinical medical Assistant both plays an integral part in healthcare.

Medical Office Administrative Assistant

At Illinois Health Careers, you can learn how to become a medical office administrative assistant in 3 months. The training program lasts 12 weeks, and it is affordable. Taking our courses at Illinois Health Careers medical office administrative assistant program can provide you with the skills needed to help your community, offer support, and be involved.

Some of the skills you learn would be how to perform essential duties in a physician’s office, Dental office, Physical Therapy, Pediatrics, occupational offices, and many more. As you can see there really is no limit to what type of practice you could work in. Medical office assistants are the front line and your skills and expertise are needed to keep the office running smoothly.

The course includes electronic medical records training and honing in on soft skills such as effective communication empathy and understanding when dealing with patients. There will be detailed material to study from. This training will make the student more confident in their approach to the patients.

Gay and Lesbian Pride Month

Gays and Lesbians now don’t have to live inside the closet. They can express their views and their sexual orientation freely. This has quite an impact on an individual’s mental health. In times like these, the mental health of such individuals can reach a compromising stage and affect them physically and emotionally.

If you have the desire to be there for people, support them and deliver top-notch patient advocacy there are many ways you can become a patient advocate and an allied health care worker. Visit our website to know more. We offer Orthodontic Assistants, dental assistants, medical billing and coding, medical office administrative assistant, and soon Phlebotomy and Clinical medical assistants at Illinois Health Career.

As a medical office administrative assistant, you will have the ability to bring about change in a patient’s life by taking your training in a facility created to deliver change; you will have the chance to fulfill your dreams and utilize your skills to help others.

Illinois Health Careers

Illinois Health Careers offers you the opportunity to complete your goals of achieving a new career in a short amount of time. By the time you complete your courses, you will have learned so much, which will help you grow as a person. Becoming a patient advocate will help you understand the intricacies of the human body and mind.


With time, we realize how far we’ve come and, more than that, the routes we’ve taken to come this far. Illinois Health Careers is your chance to learn and grow, become a different person, and then look back and witness your growth. Especially as a medical office administrative assistant and medical billing and coding assistant, you’ll understand the complexities of human psychology. BE THE CHANGE.

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