National Wear Red Day

Red. It’s more than just a color. It is powerful and scintillating. It’s even the color of that most vital fluid that pumps through our hearts. The right red dress can really fire up anyone’s appearance, making a person stand out in a crowd and demanding attention from the room.

Wearing the color red can also help to support an important cause, bringing awareness to a disease that kills hundreds of thousands of women every year: Heart Disease. National Wear Red Day is the perfect chance to help spread the word about the prevalence of heart disease, and make sure that friends and family can start taking the first steps to heart health.

How to Celebrate National Wear Red Day

Observing National Wear Red Day is a great time to care about your own health as well as helping to raise awareness with friends, family and coworkers. Try out some of these ideas and then get creative with enjoying the day:

Wear Red to Raise Awareness

Of course the simplest and most obvious activity of all on this day is to put on some red. It could be anything from a red t-shirt to an entire red business suit. Those who don’t have much red in their wardrobes can still participate with accessories such as a red bowtie, red earrings, or red sneakers!

The most important thing about National Wear Red Day is to make sure other people know the motivation behind the day.

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