Dental Assisting Degree vs Certificate

Career in dentistry is getting scope and the chances for more students selecting it as a preferred career choice are quite high. This is primarily due to the good annual income level and the demand for more dental assistants in future. This demand for dental assistants is increasing as more and more people including children and aged have now access to dental insurance plans and people are now finding it affordable to get treated for their dental issues rather than keep putting up with them.

There are many degree and certificate pathways to enter this field but it is best suited for an entry level career for all those aspirants who are seeking their future in dentistry.

However, educational and professional requirements for dental assisting may vary from state to state and it is possible that professionals may need to hold both degree and certificate in some states while having either of these will do the work in some other states. Knowing individually in detail how each pathway differs; can greatly help the prospective dental assistant to make a wise dental assistant degree vs certificate choice.

Dental Assistant Associate Degree

Dental assistant associate degree is a 2 year program which prepares you for one of the advanced certificate exams as prepared by the DANB. Not all associate degree courses train you for these advanced exams and only focus on CDA exams, lab and other specialized technology. It totally depends on the school and program you select. Dental assistant with a 2 years degree is halfway to completion of a 4 year degree and you can stand out in the competitive job market with this degree. To obtain a DANB certification you must be graduated with a 2 year degree in dental assisting.
dental assistant certification

Dental Assistant Certification

A typical dental assistant certificate program takes as few as 10 months to complete but if you choose weekend classes then the program may be extended to 1 year completion length. This is a relatively quick dental assisting program which prepares you for Dental Assisting National Board’s Certified Dental Assistant Examination. This course helps to learn professional skills and provides access to entry level jobs upon completion. This is an ideal option for the new aspirants to try this field before making a 2 year or 4 years commitment in dental assisting program. To obtain a DANB certification, aspirers have 3 options to fulfill the educational prerequisites.

1st option – A 9 to 11 months graduation leading to diploma or certificate in dental assisting is the first option.

2nd option – Completing 2 years of supervised on job training as a dental assistant.

3rd option – Completing military training as a dental assistant and 2 years of supervised on job training is

There is not much difference in the income both dental assistant degree vs certificate holders make but yes, the chances for degree holders to make more are high.

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