Health Literacy Month

The people of America face many health problems every year. These health issues result from many environmental factors. Despite state-of-the-art health facilities across the country, many people face difficulties identifying their health problems due to the lack of basic health literacy.

October is recognized as health literacy month. The purpose of this month is to spread awareness about diseases and health issues to help people take the proper measures.

Brief History

Despite the presence of many healthcare facilities across the U.S., there is a dire need to spread general health literacy awareness among the locals. Many individuals suffer from diseases due to their poor healthcare knowledge.  This is a task that many Allied Health professionals such as doctors, nurses and medical Assistants

Author Helen Osborne established and declared the month of health literacy in 1999. She analyzed the lack of healthcare awareness all over the country and wanted to increase health literacy. Every year, healthcare centers and medical facilities organize workshops and seminars to emphasize the significance of health literacy month.

Healthcare practitioners, doctors, and other health professionals such as medical assistants organize awareness sessions for the general public. Individuals learn different ways to identify health problems and their optimal solutions.

Importance of Health Literacy Month

The lack of basic health literacy can lead to many problems. Some of these can turn into severe patient cases in no time. To ensure you opt for the right approach to deal with a health problem, it is vital to have basic health literacy training.

Easy Understanding of Health Issues

One of the primary advantages of health literacy month is the easy understanding of various health issues. More often, poor health literacy leads to a poor exchange of information between the doctor and the patient. The workshops organized by healthcare professionals help to minimize the language and terminology barrier between healthcare staff and the general public.

Multi-Language Support

The purpose of the health literacy month is to increase awareness on a global spectrum. One of the common challenges in the process is the language barrier. While the people of some countries can understand the English language, others find it difficult. To overcome this problem, citizens from around the globe can access healthcare education resources in up to eighteen languages.

The Role of Healthcare Centers

Healthcare centers are influential in facilitating the general public throughout health literacy month. The certified teams provide thorough assistance and training to individuals to help them increase their healthcare knowledge.

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