National Recovery Month

Recovery takes time, patience, and everything you have but ultimately brings out the real you. The process of shedding, healing, shining, uncovering, and recovering is worth cherishing. That is why we solemnize this achievement in the decisive month of September each year.

September-National Recovery Month

September is associated with national recovery month to spread awareness and celebrate sobriety about the importance of treatments and post-recovery for mental health and addictions. The month is dedicated not only to the survivors and warriors but also to the service providers who played their role in helping you and your loved ones.

Official Color And Theme Of Recovery Month

National recovery month was endorsed by SAMHSA (Substances abuse and mental health services administration) in the year 1989 with the term “Treatment Works” later changed into “Recovery Month.” The month is full of awareness and success stories behind the survivors’ evidence-based treatments and recovery practices. This month’s theme depicts that “Recovery is For Everyone: Every Person, Every Family, Every Community.” That means anyone with an addiction can be a part of the recovery practices and needful treatments. Moreover, the survivors of life-threatening diseases like cancers and tumors also qualify for the celebration of their victory.

The official color used as a symbol for this month is purple. Purple is known as the color of healing which is furthermore associated with earthly and spiritual power. Purple can also be blended with the turquoise color, as turquoise represents “Addiction Recovery Awareness.”

Focal Points of Commemoration

The celebration of this long-standing national observance month is sponsored by SAMHSA- under the supervision of the United States Department of Health and Human Services. It mainly aims to;

  • Feature the beneficial outcomes of treatment for mental and substance use disorder for the existing society.
  • Solemnize and honor the success of people at every level.
  • Foreground the importance of mental health over complete health.
  • Emblazon the success of effective prevention and treatments for mental health recovery.
  • Motivate everyone to take the correct stance and immediate action to improve their health by providing effective treatments for those who need them.
  • Rejoice in the effortful moments of the public who firmly believed in the recovery and treatment processes.

Deeper insights into celebrating the national alcohol and drug addiction recovery month

The significance of recovery and treatments calls for a grand celebration every year. Though being a part of a family who has been through a similar situation or if you know someone who has experienced such a situation, or even if you, yourself, were part of this situation, then you should celebrate the month in the following manner;

Learn about addiction

Go through reliable resources and read about what the people around might be going through, and look for ways that you can use to help them in fighting with the cause. Even little effort in suggesting or being a part of the recovery process can make a significant difference.

Be a part of the events.

Look around for the events and different seminars conducted to raise awareness of addiction and mental health. Be a part of such events and play your role voluntarily.

Spread awareness

Spread out the word of awareness by clearing the picture of addiction in the mind of people as an illness. Join different non-profitable organizations to increase the number of helpers who are putting in their outstanding efforts in making the people achieve the milestone.

The sky’s the limit to your creative thought of celebrating the survivors’ victory and supporting the warriors, so go with the flow of your ideas in benefiting the society going through addiction and mental illness.

Importance of living a healthier tomorrow

Your family, friends, or loved ones need you; This is enough to define the importance of your mental health. You have to live a healthier life for those who care about you. Though you might be unaware that the drugs won’t only harm you in a particular way, there are many other diseases associated with this addiction. Believe it that addiction to drugs will lessen life by ten years. So, do you wish to live or witness others living a decade less than people of the same age? Think and act accordingly because it is the matter of your life or the life of the one you love!

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