Illinois Health Careers – Instructor Appreciation Week

This is an appreciation post for the instructors at Illinois Health Careers, veterans of their fields who consistently pass on their wisdom to the younger generations of future healthcare workers.

From showing compassion for those that are ill, babies who need immunizations, Teens with braces and curing fatal diseases to global pandemics, we have significantly progressed as a society. We owe our achievements in healthcare services and research to the diligent individuals who choose to pass down their knowledge to future generations. The art of healing is one of the best vocations for practicing love and compassion. Illinois Health Careers would like to thank its faculty of qualified instructors for their diligence and hard work in helping mold young minds into professional, talented, and accomplished healthcare workers.

The upward trajectory of Illinois Health Careers as one of the best educational institutions in healthcare education would not have been possible without our whole administrative team such as Karolina our VP and Dr. Y our founder, who is the driving force behind our educational programs.  Ms. Colinda Kram Director of Allied Health continues to develop new hands-on training programs that encourage students to apply theoretical knowledge to enhance their learning. Colinda Kram and Inna Sobchuk our Administrative Enrollment specialist have helped Illinois Health Careers function as a cohesive unit, and we owe our success to their countless contributions and experience in healthcare and administration. 

The quality of education is only as good as the teacher delivering knowledge. At Illinois Health Careers, we are grateful to our highly qualified faculty of instructors for providing quality healthcare education to students. Our dental assistant program and Orthodontic assistant program have yielded tremendous results because of hardworking experts like Dr. Greeshma Ashok, Abigail Rios, Laurie Lynn Hines, and Roxanne Santana. 

Deyon Coffi who is a licensed Illinois board of education instructor for his unwavering gift of knowledge in the fields of Medical Assistant, Medical office administrative program, and billing and coding specialist 

Each of these determined individuals has been kind enough to share from their immense pool of knowledge and countless years of experience to ensure that future generations of dental and orthodontic assistants as well as our Medical office professionals continue to uphold the true values of healthcare profession. We owe the success of our training programs to these wonderful human beings who are masters of their craft.

It is a time-honored tradition to express gratitude to teachers and scholars for their never-ending devotion to the field of teaching. Illinois Health Careers would like to be a part of that tradition and thank the diligent and hardworking individuals that have made this journey possible!

Illinois Health Careers is dedicated to offering affordable and high-quality healthcare courses ranging from medical billing and coding specialist programs, Medical office Administrative assistant to dental and Orthodontic assistance programs. Our faculty has helped us continue to deliver high-quality education, particularly during these past two tumultuous years when during the pandemic.  If you’re interested in healthcare education and career opportunities, our instructors at Illinois Health Careers will spare no effort in preparing you for the competitive job market!

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