MS Education And Awareness Month

March is MS awareness month and to those of us that are stricken with MS it if very important to work together and communication is key to help each other maintain through the struggles.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease that involves the central nervous system. The immune system attacks the protective covering around nerves, causing a disruption of communication between the brain and body.
MS doesn’t have a cure, but treatment helps many people achieve remission and relief from symptoms like fatigue and pain. Medication and physical therapy can reduce persistent symptoms and slow disease progression.
This month is also an opportunity for the family and friends of people with MS to gain an accurate, better understanding of the disease.


MS affects everyone differently. Some may experience mild symptoms, whereas others have severe symptoms that limit mobility. MS Awareness Month brings awareness to the condition’s many forms.

MS is an illness that is always in a constant state of change, CHANGE is how MS patients deal with daily life. Changes in your life require faith, dedication, and perseverance. Did you know that the true test of intelligence is not how much we know, but how we behave when we don’t know what to do? Having MS is like riding a bunking bronco or riding on a roller coaster your life is full of Hairpin turns, twists and loop de loops followed by some screams, putting your hands in the air – but not me. No way. I held on with a death grip. I was too terrified to let go. I mean, who knew where this out-of-control journey would take me?

It is imperative that you buckle in for this long journey.

Only MS could make Space Mountain seem like a kiddie ride! Over the years with support and maintaining physical activity the hills have gotten smaller. Drops not quite as deep. Even the turns aren’t so tight.

It has taken me a long time to settle…to get used to having MS. But I have adjusted. For after a scary 15-year long ride on this MS coaster. I still have not reached the point of being comfortable with this illness because I am always scared of what the next journey will be and am I going to be able to handle it.
Here are some ways to live with MS.

  • Learn everything you can about MS, get your family involved.
  • Stay current on new treatment plans
  • Keep active-
    • adaptive sports or recreational opportunities at a local community center
    • swimming, which allows for a range of movement that may not be possible on land
    • yoga for balance, flexibility, and stress reduction
    • resistance bands or light weights for muscle strength
    • general physical activity like gardening, cooking, walking a dog
  • Practice good sleep routines.
  • Find an MS Buddy
  • Stay positive

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