Telehealth Awareness Week

Did you ever think there would be a day that virtual care improves access to quality healthcare services for all individuals?  In the early days of the pandemic, providers and care teams actively sought ways to deliver care to patients safely and effectively. The result was a surge in the use of telehealth.

There is a vital role that telehealth can play in expanding access to necessary health care services across the globe. There are many types of patients that can be served safely and effectively with telehealth, including patients living in rural communities, those with mental health diagnoses, as well as elders living away from family members. In fact, the first telehealth demonstration projects focused on increasing access to specialty care at rural hospitals and for other underserved populations.

The explosive growth in telehealth has opened access to a wide spectrum of clinical and non-clinical health-related services. The pandemic gave a powerful tool to brilliant people and let them invent for a year. Because of this, health care delivery will never be the same.  More and more Allied health professionals are being trained in telehealth.   Illinois health careers is looking to start incorporating telehealth into our programs.    

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