What is the Value of a Dental Assistant in the Dental Office?

Dental Assisting program.

Studies have shown that Dental Assistants make an enormous impact in assisting dentists. The independent skill set that Dental Assistants possess allows Dentists to be able to move to the next patient more quickly because of the effectiveness of training the dental assistant receives while in the Illinois Health Careers Dental assistant program.  This contributes to the practice’s productivity and profitability. 

Some other aspect that proper training from Illinois Health Careers dental assistant program provides to a  Dental Assistant student is how the importance of going above and beyond to deliver exceptional patient care.  I assume everyone has been to a Dentist’s office and most times patients are nervous and afraid.  

This is where the compassion of a Dental Assistant comes into play, providing comfort to your patients, and offering emotional support and guidance during their visit. This is also a key factor in patient retention.  Dental Assistants must earn the trust of their patients.  

Providing a quality education for the Dental Assistant student not only makes a student a quality employable Dental Assistant but also increases the efficiency and profitability of the practice. 

Dentists and Patients everywhere deserve a well-trained Dental Assistant. Illinois Health Careers offers High quality, affordable, short-term courses for the Dental assistant program and Orthodontic Assistant program. 

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