Illinois Health Careers – Medical Office Administrative Assistant

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Illinois Health Careers – Medical Office Administrative Assistant 

Are you looking for work in the healthcare industry?

 Have you explored this opportunity through Illinois Health Careers?

Illinois Health Careers is an institution that provides learning opportunities to students who want careers in the healthcare sector. It also helps people looking for career changes smoothly transition from a different sector. 

Are you looking for something similar?

At Illinois Health Careers, we offer a 12-week medical office administrative assistant program for individuals interested in administrative roles in the healthcare industry. In a dental or medical environment, a medical office administrative assistant is one of the first people to come into contact with patients. 

Consequently, having good communication and interpersonal skills is an important trait for a medical office administrative assistant. Illinois Health Careers can help you develop a unique combination of direct and indirect patient-related duties which might set the pace for patient experience. 

However, there’s a gap in the market that needs to be filled. With medical office administrative assistant roles being so important, the demand for assistants in healthcare has increased. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics records the median annual income of a medical office administrative assistant at $46,100. 

Are you interested in intellectually and financially advancing your career? Take our medical office administrative assistant course and become a qualified medical assistant in just 12-weeks. We offer the best teaching methods, guides, and courses paired with cheap and affordable rates so you can focus on higher learning. 

To sum it up, Illinois Health Careers is one of the leading institutions in the healthcare facility and can help set you on the path to a job in healthcare. Upon completion of your diploma, you will have knowledge of business and medical communication, principles of healthcare operations, professional standards and ethics, HIPAA and OSHA training, understanding of federal laws, and other mandatory skills to help facilitate patients and healthcare professionals alike. Visit our website or email us at [email protected] and get started today!

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